End of civilization?

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Getting a bit frustrated with the art thing, wondering what purpose it can still serve now that we – the human species – are well into an extinction event of our own making. I mean like, why make any form of text, visual or written, when soon there would no one left to read it? Should we not just make love, relax on a beach, contemplate the beauty of what remains of nature?

I was discussing this apocalypse just the other day with someone, asking ourselves whether it could be at all possible that we are the last generations of our species and if so, what purpose did the lives of all who came before us serve, their struggles and sacrifices, indeed what purpose does the Universe serve if there is nothing that can look back at it? Rocks and fireballs orbiting around each other for no reason other than it’s fun, but again fun for whom?

Of course there is now the near certainty there is other self-aware and technology-capable life in the Universe but that is not proven beyond doubt and even if the case then do we humans want to be forever remembered as the species that failed? What a sad end for a species capable of creating truly great art, science and technology.

I personally believe that and especially if we are alone in the Universe and the ‘big bang’ of conscientiousness occurred on planet Earth, the Universe would not allow our extinction. Extinct, Satan wins the war of angels. I believe there would be survivors but who would have one hell of a job rebuilding hopefully a better civilization and that will over a million years spread out throughout our Galaxy and beyond. It’s within our reach, if we don’t give up.

So, I think there is good reason to continue as best we can in whatever it is we do. We can’t all be Mozarts, but we can be ourselves. Back out into the streets of a doomed civilization.

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