Organic evolution.

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Pages and content appear and disappear. Sorry if it creates confusion but this project is organic. Evolution at work even here. Today, removed some content and will also soon remove the ‘outback’ gallery as part of focusing the site on the photography I’m pursuing and not include that which I have decided to leave behind. Again it’s questioning what makes a good photograph where and just like any form of art-expression I agree with people such as Oscar Wilde and George Orwell who in essays wrote that as soon as you allow any outside opinion or agreed standard to influence your work then, as Oscar put it, ‘you are no longer an artist but a tradesman’. Sounds simple enough but difficult to put in actual practice because as human beings we are highly sensitive to the opinion of others, whether we admit it or not, and so when producing a picture we tend to make decisions based on what other artists might think of our work, the public and friends and family. I understand of course the need to make a living and so the wedding pictures all have to be perfect as perfection is understood by client but there needs to exist a space where hardcore voicing of self can be freely unleashed.

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