A text in communications can be written, it can be a picture or it can be sound. Where it denotes a specific object it can often connote another or an emotion. A photograph is a visual text that can do all of those things. As such a ‘good’ photograph is not necessarily one that perfectly reproduces as an image whatever it was that was in front of the lens. A ‘good’ photograph is one that effectively communicates the message intended by the photographer to the person viewing the photograph.

The choice of photography as medium is based on the ability of photography to capture a moment in time and through further manipulation in post-production to isolate and enhance that which the photographer wishes to communicate. This can be achieved through elimination of all that does not facilitate the communication of message ; focus, color and exposure that can confuse and distract.

Djinn Project seeks to isolate what the image contains as message and that is best described to the viewer as an image because a photograph also has the ability to communicate what would be difficult if not near impossible to describe in words. Where appropriate the usage of blur, exposure manipulation, monochrome rather than color and compositing images are choices made to enhance the effectiveness of the photograph as text.

With regard to subject matter it is the view of Djinn Project that humanity is foremost and in all its manifestations. This can be pictures of people but can also be the absence of people within a human environment and including those details we find scattered around our everyday environments that speak at length about our lives, our hopes and our desires.

It is the view of Djinn Project that no subject should be off limits because to further civilization it is essential to explore and debate established social norms and conventions and beyond boundaries such as they stand in any given time. Conventions of beauty evolve in what has been called aesthetic evolution and photography plays an essential part in that ongoing debate.

Djinn Project acknowledges those who have explored these concepts in the past as part of the counter-cultural movement of the sixties and seventies. Djinn Project seeks to contribute to and encourage the continuation of those cultural and social debates through image and written texts.

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